Corvette X-Rays Are Truly Mesmerizing

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British artist Nick Veasy invites you to explore a side of the Chevy Corvette that’s never been seen before.

When you grow up idolizing your favorite American sports car, you typically get to see many, if not all aspects of it within a decade or two. While the passion lives on, looking at your 10,000th photoshoot in a magazine isn’t as exhilarating as your first.


Corvette X-ray

But, what if we told you that there’s a new side to every single Corvette that you’ve never seen before? And what if such dimension isn’t even visible to the naked human eye? Behold Nick Veasy’s incredible and completely original form of art!

The UK-based artist has ditched paint brushes and cameras for something much more dangerous and expensive: An industrial-grade x-ray machine. In this video by SWNS TV Veasy can be seen orchestrating the x-ray-taking process of several cool machines, such as a Ferrari F40, a ’30s Pontiac, and other American and European beauties.


Corvette x-ray

What the video doesn’t show are the photos of three different generations of Chevy Corvette being subjected to the Frauenhofer Institute’s enormous x-ray machine. To be precise, Veasy goes to town on a 1958 Corvette C1, 1963 Corvette C2, and a swanky 1972 C3.

Thankfully, these x-ray images courtesy of SWNS do an incredible job at showing every single detail of the Corvettes. From the C1’s glorious silhouette to the drivetrain and seating layout of the C3, Veasy captures the essence of the great American sports car. Oh, and what about the C2’s sweeping and delicious rear end?


Corvette x-ray

To say that these x-rays reveal an entirely different side of the Corvette would be an understatement. Even if you’ve read or watched all things Corvette for decades, these images are something to be truly excited about.

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