Atlanta to NYC Complete: Team is Headed to Scotland!

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The longest leg of the 2014 Gumball 3000 is complete, and everyone was exhausted upon rolling into NYC.

“One element everyone was concerned about was the great state of Virginia and its decidedly unfortunate ban on radar detectors. It might be ‘For Lovers,’ but its police are real haters.”

The route from Atlanta to New York City called for Gumballers to drive nearly 900 miles in a single day, and I’m proud to say Team did it. Including some necessary—and a few totally unnecessary stops—the journey took the purple Gallardo and the Mercedes-Benz support van a whopping 16 and a half hours.

And we weren’t the even the last team to arrive at the W New York Downtown. As you might imagine, it was a pretty eventful trip.

One element everyone was concerned about was the great state of Virginia and its decidedly unfortunate ban on radar detectors. It might be “For Lovers,” but its police are real haters. And with over 100 cars on the Rally, it wasn’t like the boys in blue wouldn’t have any advance warning, so unless we wanted to face some ferocious fines and possible time in the local clink, speeds needed to be kept as close to the posted limit as was reasonably possible.

But since I got to do a good portion of the state with Elisa in the Gallardo, I managed to have a total blast anyway. One of the great things about supercars is that since they go so fast, they have to be able to stop on a dime, and a blast up into the triple digits and back to a more legal area of the speed spectrum can be achieved quite quickly. Now generally, I prefer hardtops over convertibles, but the Lamborghini’s intoxicating aural output is only intensified by the lack of a lid, and makes traveling at nearly any pace an event.

While we hit some inexplicably burly traffic in Baltimore, most of the insanely long day went smooth.

But it didn’t happen that way for all the teams. After a strafing mission which saw sustained speeds north of 250kmh, one of the Ferrari F12s started spitting oil out its exhaust which—for the non-mechanically inclined following along at home—is not good. Owner Modish was sanguine about it while he related a pit stop “They had three oils. They didn’t have the right oil—even at Shell.”

Seems like a total oversight that the station in Okahumpka, Georgia wouldn’t have the proper fluids for Modena’s flagship GT.

Thought we did manage to avoid problems on the road, we didn’t escape the day completely without incident. You might not have heard the joke about the three writers and the two Russian models stuck in an elevator? Because it’s not a joke—it took the NYFD 30 minutes to get us out.

I’m about to jump on the plane to Scotland. Until then, check out the pics below and head over to’s official Gumball 3000 site for all the info you can handle on this year’s sexiest drivers!


John Coyle is a longtime auto journalist and editor who contributes to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among many other sites.

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