Auction: Don’t Let this Classic C3 Pass You By

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Bring a Trailer Corvette C3

This 1968 Corvette up for auction on Bring a Trailer proves that great finds aren’t limited to one-car owners.

Typically, some of the best classic finds are one-owner vehicles. But from time to time, a two- or three-owner model will emerge, shining through the mix of potential collectibles as well.

This great-looking 1968 Corvette comes to us courtesy of the auctions team at Bring A Trailer, which has become a great place for those on the hunt for well-preserved classic automobiles.

The original owner purchased the car in Seattle and later gifted the car to his daughter, a sports writer in Seattle. She eventually sold the ‘Vette to another Seattle-based sportswriter in 2004, as detailed in the Bring A Trailer summary. The car remained in that person’s hands until last year, when the current seller took ownership of the Corvette.

Bring a Trailer Corvette C3

Powered by a 327ci, 350-horsepower V8 paired with a M-21 four-speed manual transmission, the ’68 is a true classic in every sense of the word. According to the seller, the Corvette retains roughly 90 percent of its original paint. There are, however, a few inconsistencies at the top of both left-side fenders with a little blending apparent on the left rear.

Some of the car’s other wares come with its nearly 50 years of nostalgia. Those include some slightly yellowed rear plastic in the soft-top, a latching mechanism in need of some repair, and some worn weather stripping above the windshield.

The interior of the ‘68 has escaped a lot of the visible wears that come with age, which is impressive in itself. When you consider all of the major cabin features are period-correct, you appreciate how well the car has been maintained over the years.

The engine was rebuilt by Rick Stark Corvette in Kirkland, Washington in 2005 at 93,539 miles. And apparently, the V8 still has a “lumpy idle,” which is also period-correct for an L-79 package car.

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