Bwwwaaah! Australian Man Makes Amazing Human Car Sounds

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From a Mazda rotary engine to an Aussie burnout machine, this guy nails car sounds.

You might think you know how to sit around and make race car noises, but you’ve got nothing on Daniel Jovanov. Daniel runs the Human CarSounds YouTube channel and Instagram account, and that name is no joke. He generates some of the most incredibly accurate exhaust noises, using only the oxygen in his lungs.

human car sounds

As you can see in the video above, the sounds run the gamut of popular tuner cars in Australia, many of which are Japanese. He nails everything from a Nissan GT-R’s RB26 to a turbocharged Mazda Wankel rotary engine. It all sounds uncanny, but his Lamborghini Gallardo impression certainly impresses 1320video to no end.

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The noises are great, but Daniel also puts the sound in a scenario, with shifts and sliding and tire noise. The Ken Block Gymkhana impression is particularly on the nose. If deeper, loping engines are your thing, you’ll love his supercharged alcohol engine in a proper Aussie burnout competition.

So how does someone come around to this particular skill set? Daniel tells 1320 that it stems from wanting to drive so badly as a kid that he’d sit around and pretend to do so. He picked up the nature of the sounds from watching videos, and occasionally hanging around a dyno, then imitating those sounds. He obviously has a good ear for it. Some people sing, which is great, but we’re glad Daniel does what he does, because this is phenomenal. Practice makes perfect, as they say.

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