New Patent Explains How the C8 Could Be Manual

Some aspects of the past could make it to the future.

  Comments | By - October 19, 2018

1969 L88 Corvette: Revisiting a Legend

In the late 1960s, Chevrolet offered the L88 Corvette, essentially, a road-legal racecar that you could drive off the dealer’s lot.

  Comments | By - October 18, 2018

1963 Grand Sport Pops up in Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno has given us a lot to gawk at… and this ride is no exception.

  Comments | By - October 15, 2018

Corvette C1: Chevy’s Answer to Ford’s Thunderbird

Arctic Blue C1 has the distinction of being the 11th 1956 Corvette to roll off the assembly line.

  Comments | By - October 9, 2018

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