How a ’63 Corvette Made One Man a “Car Nut”

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1963 Stingray

We’ve all known someone whose life has been changed in some deep way by a connection to a car. That’s one of the unique things about American automobiles like the Corvette, which has helped keep the vehicle so popular throughout the years. Perhaps that’s why most here can probably relate to a story written by HJ Pizzaro, a fan of Autoblog, who posted about such a connection on their contributor network, Open Road.

In the piece, the author details how a 1963 Corvette Sting Ray sparked his passion for automobiles. The story chronicles Pizzaro’s first encounter with the classic car as a kid during the ‘80s, while flipping through a calendar his dad brought home.

“Aside from Hot Wheels and Matchbox die-cast vehicles I had a collection of, I wasn’t all that interested in cars at this point. That is until I flipped through the calendar and saw the gorgeous lines of a black 1963 Corvette Sting Ray with a split window in the rear,” writes Pizzaro.

The author goes on to discuss how he dreamed of designing cars, and how that never quite panned out — as is the case with a lot of us. But he also talks about how he’s grown content with being a self-described “Car Nut.” Of course, a self-described “Corvette Nut” would probably garner him even more respect here at Corvette Forum. But I’m sure most here can certainly appreciate Pizzaro’s source of inspiration.

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