Automatic C7 Z06 Takes You to the Drag Strip

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Well, this is the type of footage we have all been waiting for. Thanks to our awesome forum member jason427, we have video (shown below) from the onboard Performance Data Recorder of a C7 Z06 hitting the drag strip. Even better, his car has the quicker eight-speed automatic transmission.

Now according to jason427’s post, the car is wearing drag radials, but he didn’t have much time to optimize pressure. Also, the ‘Vette was not at optimum temperatures for solid runs. With that in mind, he was easy on his launches and throttle, and still managed to make the pass in the 10s, and with more than 120 mph on the speedo.


Jason427 believes that there is a lot more potential and speed just waiting to be unleashed. Fortunately, he has time at the track over the next two Fridays to make that happen. So expect an update with more video, greater speeds, and even lower times.

Now hit play and watch this run already. For an extra bit of fun, watch it a second time and keep an eye on the G-Force gauge to see just how hard this thing pulls. Oh, and as always, volume up; we don’t want all the V8 noise going to waste, do we?

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