Automatic vs. Manual Corvette Fuel Economy

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2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray

If you want the most performance out of your C7 Corvette Stingray, a manual is your best bet, and when it comes to fuel economy, the seven-speed manual also wins the day with a 17-city/29-highway/21-combined EPA rating. Compared to the standard C6 with a manual (16 city/26 highway/19 combined), that’s a 10.5-percent improvement.

Because most people use Corvettes more often in traffic than on the track, the automatic has been the Corvette’s most popular transmission option. Last week, the EPA released the automatic’s fuel economy figures, which are 16 city/28 highway/20 combined; an 11-percent improvement over the C6 automatic’s 15 city/25 highway/18 combined.

Are you on the fence about which transmission to choose? Here’s some data that applies to your wallet:

Cost to Drive 25 Miles

  • C7 Corvette Manual: $4.55
  • C7 Corvette Automatic: $4.78

Annual Fuel Cost

  • C7 Corvette Manual: $2,750
  • C7 Corvette Automatic: $2,850

For a further breakdown, click this link … even though the government is shut down, the site still works.

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