Automobile (Poorly) Renders New Mid-Engine Corvette

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If you are still in denial about the arrival of a GM car with the motor behind the rear seats, there is little I can do to help you. All signs are pointing to a new ride that will compete with the growing collection of mid-engine monsters prowling the streets.

Many have speculated what GM’s new C8 might look like, now add Automobile Magazine to that group, as we can see in these newly released renderings of the upcoming mid-engine Corvette.


Sadly though, their render is pretty terrible. The base of this render is blatantly the new Lamborghini Huracan (pictured just above). Plus, Automobile just sort of haphazardly slapped the nose from a C7 on the front and squared up some vents.

I appreciate that this is a much more realistic render when compared to some of the other wild and exotic drawings other magazines and sites have been posting, but I still expect better quality from a name as reputable as Automobile.


The rear shot of the car looks a little better, but it’s still very easy to see the Lamborghini hiding under the Photoshopping. The actual written piece, hosted at the Automobile site, does little to add any new information to the discussion, but at least it gives a solid wrap up of the more widely accepted rumors surrounding the car, from its existence to the name, Zora ZR1.

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via [Automobile Magazine]

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