Bad Weekend for Two Corvette Forum Members

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This past weekend was not particularly good for two of our Corvette Forum members, or at least not for their Corvettes. While they are both okay, and no one was hurt, thankfully, their beautiful and beloved Corvettes were not so lucky.

First, let’s start off with member nuttree8, who was driving down the interstate when something broke in the passenger rear. The car was doing about 65mph when the event occurred, and it caused the Corvette to swerve sideways. Nuttree8’s ‘Vette then hit a semi and was thrown into the catch fence.

In the thread posted about the incident, nuttree8 is wondering if anyone has heard of such a thing happening before, if you have, please chime in.


Luckily, nuttree8 was fine. The same, however, can’t be said about the deer in the next tale of weekend woe.

Stinger1 was out for a drive on a beautiful day when a deer jumped out in front of his car. Here’s how he describes it:

A fraction of a fraction of a second to hit the brakes made for a big impact. Let’s just say I hope I never see an airbag like that again, but at the same time, I am so thankful for airbags. I had minor cuts to my face and arm, but was not seriously injured in anyway. No injuries except to the deer which I never did see after the accident.”





While these two incidents are unfortunate indeed, they could have been much worse. Just a reminder to stay focused while on the road, because you never know when you’ll need to react.

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