How Much Would You Pay for This ’64 Corvette Barn Find?

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Sometimes I believe in fate, and other times I don’t. But this story puts me squarely in the former category.

A few days ago, one of our forum members, R. Seghi, was tooling around in his garage when one of his neighbors noticed his ’66 Corvette. They struck up a conversation, and the two got to talking about the neighbor’s own Corvette, a 1964 model parked in the backyard, which he was possibly thinking about selling.

Well, as any good car-guy would do, R. Seghi went and checked it out. But I’ll let him tell you the rest:

“So here is what I saw. The motor is a real 1970 454 LS6 with 60,000 miles, not rebuilt, carb. to pan. Flares were done by a Body Shop, wheels and tires were new in the ’80’s. It also comes with two rebuilt Muncie 4 speeds. Couldn’t dig through the **** in the car to see so we’ll assume for now that they are just M20’s. And 4 new fenders from GM unused. What would you guess that it’s worth?”

Have a look at the pictures. Lots of potential, right? I say, buy the damn thing, asap. But what do you all think he should do? Head over to the thread and help a fellow forum member out.

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