Barn Find Beauties, Courtesy of Criswell

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Criswell Chevrolet’s resident Corvette nut continues to wow forum-goers with his treasure trove of vintage photos.

In this week’s awesome thread, Mike Furman looks like he had a good bit of fun posting about the latest action at Criswell Chevrolet. He had a really busy week delivering a bunch of new Corvettes to owners, including a handful of Z06s and a particularly gorgeous Race Yellow Grand Sport. On top of all that, he stopped by the car collection of one of his long time customers (a Pontiac collector with a handful of great Corvettes) to check out some vintage Bowling Green heavy hitters.

After finishing up the “new business” section of his post, Mike dives directly into the classic stuff, with a whole lot of great vintage photos. There’s something for everyone, with excellent old racing shots, a few sad pictures of Corvette destruction, and more than a couple shots of great old barn finds. We chose to focus on the barn finds aspect of the post, and cherry-pick a few pics to show to you below. When you get the time, though, you really should check out the boatload of great photos on the whole post.

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We’re always enamored with a good barn find. What caused someone to park these cars for so long? If we had a vintage Corvette in our garage, you can be sure it wouldn’t sit around long enough to collect dust; we’d be out driving the thing. What’s the point in letting something so great languish in disrepair when it could be providing smiles for the driver as well as passers-by?

In any case, we’re happy that these Corvettes have been found. Hopefully, all of them were or will be brought back to a driveable condition. Have you ever found a Corvette in a barn? Start a thread and tell us about it.

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