Barn-Find C2 Corvette Needs a Full Restoration

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After almost 35 years off the road, this diamond-in-the-rough C2 Corvette has finally been put up for sale. After owning the car since 1973, the seller decided it was time to part ways. It’s definitely a pure restoration project, and if you already haven’t guessed, not running. It is, however, complete — meaning every single part from the original car is still there.

This C2 Corvette came with a 327 Small Block V8 engine, four-wheel disc brakes, a teak steering wheel, and reproduction knock-off wheels. Under all that dust and grime is a Milano Maroon paint color that is sure to need a respray, unless it somehow managed to stay brilliant after all that time.

The bids on the car began at $20,000, but the eBay auction has now ended at $30,799. Apparently someone jumped at a chance to own a wonderful piece of vintage sportscar history. And honestly, you can’t go wrong when buying a C2 Corvette.

So what do you all think, did the buyer make a wise investment?

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