Bart Starr’s MVP C2 Corvette Celebrates Homecoming

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C2 Corvette

First-ever Super Bowl MVP car gift returns to Green Bay after 51 years. And you can weigh in on its future!

Few accomplishments in life compare to an NFL player winning a Super Bowl. After all, the biggest prize of all is only bestowed on a lucky few each year. Those who overcome the odds to reign as champions. Hall of Fame quarterback Bart Starr knows that feeling well, as he led the Green Bay Packers to the first-ever Super Bowl championship way back in 1967. Starr took home not only a ring, but also an MVP award and a shiny new C2 Corvette.

Fast forward 51 years, and Starr’s gifted ‘Vette is finally making its homecoming. It’s spent that time changing hands several times. And the current owner, Steve Altieri, originally planned to bring the C2 Corvette back to his home in Connecticut after scoring it at auction. But Altieri, a Packers fan, was persuaded to let the car come back to Wisconsin where it all began. Thus, this famous Corvette will be on display at The Automotive Gallery in Green Bay through June of 2019.

Aside from its celebrity ownership history, this C2 Corvette is special for another big reason. “I think the fact that it was the first-ever car that was given to a Super Bowl MVP,” said Mike Borlee, executive board member of The Automobile Gallery. “That started an approximately 50-year gift process with the sports magazine, and a love affair of the automobile industry.”

The only question that remains is what to do with the car. The original ‘Vette has only around 48,000 miles on the odometer, but also wears plenty of chips and scratches. And it’s a question that you can weigh in on, because the Automotive Gallery is taking suggestions on their Facebook page right now!

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