You Could Be the First Owner of this Never-titled 1965 Corvette

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Never-Titled 1965 Corvette

Rare ride hits the auction block for the eye-watering price of $506,000.

This might be the rarest, most unique opportunity we’ve ever seen in the world of classic Corvettes. This 1965 Corvette convertible has never been titled. In addition, it has less than 1,700 miles on the odometer.

We found this car offered for sale on Hemmings for the eye-watering price of $506,000. With just 1,653 miles, this is the lowest original mileage of any 1965 Corvette in the world.

Never-Titled 1965 Corvette

That half million dollar price tag buys you the incredible opportunity to be the first owner on record for this classic Corvette convertible. Unfortunately, the ad does not go into much detail about the doubtlessly bizarre circumstances that allowed a 1965 Corvette to survive over half a century without being titled.

What the ad does explain in great detail is the car itself. While it may look black in some photos, the car is actually Glen Green, a very classy shade of dark green. It pairs well with the saddle tan interior. We also find ourselves admiring the color-matched hardtop.

Never-Titled 1965 Corvette

Mechanically, the car seems to be in good shape, its low mileage notwithstanding. Despite spending most of its time sitting, the engine bay appears to be spotless, showing no signs of the leaks you might expect. Then again, we think that the reports of “dried out seals” ruining cars that are stored and seldom driven are exaggerated.

This low-mileage Corvette is powered by a 375 horsepower, fuel injected 327 cubic inch V8 backed up by a four speed manual transmission. While this car would be desirable with any powertrain combo, the fuelie small-block is near the top of our list.

Never-Titled 1965 Corvette

It shouldn’t surprise you that this car has won a ton of trophies for its rarity and originality. If you were to buy it, would you continue to lock it away? Or would you title it, register it, and drive the wheels off of it? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in our forum!

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