Beautiful Blue C5 Z06 Is Our Corvette of the Week

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What’s Blue, Black and Blazing-Fast? Our Corvette of the Week!

The Corvette is one of the few cars in the world that you always want. If you have one, you want another. If you have to get rid of yours, you start counting the days until you can hold those keys yet again. Corvette Forum member bgallegos had to buy something larger, and parted ways with his C6. Now that spring is coming, though, he’s managed to get back into a Corvette, and took ownership of this sexy, modified C5 Z06.

To celebrate his new car, bgallegos posted up a few photos on the forum and asked if anyone recognized the car. It’s a pretty unique machine. Blue paint, black aftermarket wheels with red trim stripes, and pink inlaid Corvette script on the front license plate cover all ensure that it’s unlike anything else on the road.

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Of course, it’s cammed and has a full exhaust, as well an upgraded transmission and differential from RPM. So you’d have a hard time catching up to get a good look, anyways. So to make sure you guys get a good look at this interesting C5, we decided to feature it here as our Corvette of the Week.

If you are a Florida resident and recognize the car, hop on the forum and let us know. If you find yourself in Arizona, the car’s new home, make sure to give bgallegos a wave. Wherever you are  though, hop onto the thread and let him know you appreciate this unique piece of Corvette awesomeness.

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