Beautiful Carbon 65 Displayed at Michigan Concours d’Elegance

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Carbon 65

CorvetteForums get a hands-on look at the new model commemorating 65 years of gorgeous Corvettes.

Chevrolet has built a ton of special edition Corvettes over the years. Some, like the ’78 Indy Pace Car and the ’96 Grand Sport, have aged very well. Others, like the 1982 Collector’s Edition and the ’98 Indy Pace Car, have not. (We do love the functional hatch on the ’82 CE, though.)

Carbon 65 Corvette C7

The newest Corvette special edition, the 2018 Carbon 65, definitely resides in the former category. We spotted the tasteful and refined C7 for the first time at last month’s Concours d’Elegance of America in Auburn, Michigan.

Carbon 65 Corvette C7 with C1, C2, and C3 Corvettes

It occupied part of a beautiful display with six other white Corvettes (one for each generation) from GM’s Heritage Collection. The display added two of the new Carbon 65s for us to pore over, taking in the details.

Carbon 65 Corvette C7

The Carbon 65 option will cost $15,000 and will be available only on Grand Sport and Z06 models. Chevy will build just 650 with only 500 of those remaining in the US. All will be sold in a grayish metallic white with carbon fiber details. Inside, they each include a special black suede Alcantara interior with blue stitching. A carbon fiber steering wheel complements the exterior details, while a blue top offers a special treat for convertible owners.

Carbon 65 Corvette C7 with C3, C2, and C1 Corvettes

A subdued color like white makes it easy to appreciate the Corvette’s beautiful styling at face value. Looking at the C1, the C2, and all the way through to the current car, it was easy to see how the unmistakable Corvette shape has evolved.

Carbon 65 Corvette C7 with C3, C2, and C1 Corvettes

There’s been a lot of talk lately about getting younger enthusiasts interested in Corvettes. We have to say that this gorgeous display was a step in the right direction. No Hawaiian shirts, no Beach Boys blaring, no fake diner food — just stunning examples of America’s Sports Car as far as the eye could see.

Carbon 65 Corvette C7 with C5, C4, C3, C2, and C1 Corvettes

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