If Beelzebub Owned a C6 Corvette, it Would Sound Like This

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C6 Grand Sports

There are few things I love more than an angry growl produced by a big V8. If you add a cam, that noise only gets more guttural and menacing. Take that big cammed engine and slap a supercharger on top to give you a bit of whine, and the result sounds like a banshee screaming from the depths of hell. It’s the kind of sound which dreams are forged from.

The video below demonstrates exactly what I am talking about. This BigKleib34 drag race video features a C6 Grand Sport Corvette that has been upgraded with a cam, blower, meth injection, and a nice handful of bolt-ons. The result is an 800-horspower LS3 that sounds like Lucifer’s personal chariot. The first race sees it line up against a C63 Mercedes, not exactly a quiet car, but you never even hear it over the angry noise exploding from the rear of the Corvette.

Even with a manual transmission and the factory Michelin run-flat radials, this ‘Vette still manages to break into the low 10s in the quarter. It’s more than just the sound, this car goes like hell as well.

So turn those speakers up and enjoy.

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via [BigKleib34]

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