The Five-Hour ‘Dominic Corvetto’ Thrash Build

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Mighty Car Mods Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Building Their Movie Car, Dominic Corvetto

This Mighty Car Mods-built C4 was intended mostly to be an entertaining romp into the realm of Hollywood movie cars. But by the time they finished their quick thrash project build, we’d already fallen in love. This car almost looks cool enough to be the hero car in some low-budget action film. Or at least one of the inconsequential villain cars in the next Fast & Furious. Which is handy, because it was built in the same shop that builds the F&F¬†franchise’s cars out of some cast-off parts. Hence the car’s hilariously pun-intended nickname, Dominic Corvetto.

Dominic Corvetto

In the process of creating the episode above, MCM wanted to make sure a few behind-the-scenes bits got out to the world. As such, Moog and Marty give us a peek at what it’s like to build such a rad-looking car in just five hours of actual work.

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Of course, there are bound to be shortcuts, like spray painting the inside of the rear hatch glass to simulate a tint effect. Admittedly, there were some unsavory cuts, too, like the double-sided tape holding on the rear high-rise wing.

If you were to build a movie Corvette out of a cheap Craigslist C4, from parts you found lying around a Hollywood shop, it might look something like this. Maybe people will be inspired to recreate a similar look without cutting so many corners. Are you looking to tack on a set of flared fenders to your C4? If you are, and you still want to make some sweet burnouts happen, just spray your tires with WD40!

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