Behold, this Could be the Best-Kept ’67 Corvette Ever

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Low-mileage Corvettes are typically rare finds even when it comes to some of the more recent models, but when it’s a 1967 Corvette with only 2,996 miles, it becomes even more special.

Even more impressive, the car and all of its original parts are said to be in near-perfect condition.

This ’67 ‘Vette was discovered in 2011 by the original owner’s neighbors who inherited his estate after he died.


Apparently the owner, Don McNamara, bought the car in 1966 after winning $5,000 on trip to Las Vegas, and kept it in storage for 45 years after driving it only 2,000 miles. Most of McNamara’s friends in his hometown of Colorado Springs didn’t even know he still owned the car, according to the Autoweek report.

1967 Chevrolet Corvette Odometer

Now, it looks like someone else will get an opportunity to cherish this rare find when it crosses the blocks in Houston at the Mecum Auctions April 10 – 12, but this piece of Corvette history won’t come cheap.

Early predictions suggest the car could go for as high as $800,000, which might still be a little low when you consider the mint condition of this classic.

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