Best of SEMA: the DecoLiner

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Like a lot of the coolest stuff at SEMA, the DecoLiner was out in the parking lot, so even the great unwashed?meaning anyone without a badge?could check it out.

It’s billed as “Flash Gordon’s Motorhome,” and I can’t think of a better way to describe this creation. Builder Randy Grubb and the Blastolene crew used a frame from a ’70s motorhome and the nose from a ’50s cab-over-engine truck, but everything else is a clean-paper design. As you can see, the results are striking.

The “Flying Bridge” on top has seating for five, and the coolest past are the nautical-style controls, which allow the DecoLiner to be driven from either inside the cab or the bridge. Legal? Maybe. Awesome? You know it!

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