BH-Factory Teases Corvette C7 Z06 SEMA Creation

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Remember the 750-horsepower, yellow, wide-body, Forgiato Corvette SEMA Show car pictured above, the one that had everyone buzzing last year?

Well, the team that pulled that project together are revving up to make an even bigger impression at the aftermarket show this year with a Z06, as highlighted in the video below.

The shop, Bailey’s Hyperformance (BH-Factory), isn’t revealing a lot on the hardcore specs for the upcoming show car, but they’re giving us plenty of reason to get excited.

As of now, we know the SEMA show car will be equipped with a 2.3L Heartbeat blower from Magnuson Superchargers, a set of candy-red aluminum wheels from Forgiato (of course), a high powered audio system from Focal and Mosconi, and a never-before-seen vehicle wrap from Vinyl Empire.

No word on exactly what color the wrap will be, but something tells me that some of the more subtle hues are probably out of the question on this one.

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Via [Bailys Hyperformance]

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