Big Tank 1963 Corvette Z06 Presents a Rare Opportunity

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Big Tank 1963 Corvette Z06

They don’t get much rarer than this 1963 Corvette equipped with RPO Z06, the big gas tank, and Kelsey-Hayes wheels.

When it comes to C2s, the 1963 Corvette will always carry the distinction of being a one-year only model. Which has largely contributed to their premium pricing on the secondary market. From there, rare options only drive prices higher. But you’ll have a hard time finding a 1963 Corvette equipped with more interesting and seldom seen options than this black beauty, which we spotted at RM Sotheby’s. And certainly not one that has such a fascinating history.

For starters, this particular C2 is one of only 199 factory-built RPO Z06 Corvettes produced in 1963. That means it has the L84 327/360 hp fuel-injected V8, M20 four-speed transmission, and G81 posi-traction rear end. Other race-ready goodies include an upgraded suspension, bigger steel brake drums, and a beefier master cylinder. And of course, that iconic 36-gallon gas tank.

Big Tank 1963 Corvette Z06

Just how rare that latter option was on the 1963 Corvette is up for debate. But common thought dictates that only 63 Z06s were fitted with the big tank. Throw in the fact that only 15 cars sported the¬†Kelsey-Hayes wheels fitted to this 1963 Corvette, and that makes it about as common as hen’s teeth. The only downside to this stunning, rare C2? It was wrecked back in 1970, and has been subsequently rebuilt.

Big Tank 1963 Corvette Z06

Thus, the engine is a replacement piece, along with the firewall and chassis. But all of the original Z06 goodies and large gas tank remain, as well as the other important stuff. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), that means this incredibly rare 1963 Corvette carries an auction estimate of “only” $160,000 to $200,000. Had it remained 100% original, we can only imagine what this cool piece of history would have hammered for!

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