BigKleib34 Corvette C6 Z06 Update: Clutch Issues Arise!

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On a personal note, I’m really starting to be a huge fan of BigKleib34 — namely because his Corvette videos always seem to be raw and real.

Okay, so maybe not always, after recalling the one we just covered here last week where the YouTube star pretends as if his Corvette takes on a life of its own during a remote start demonstration. But even that clip had a wild element of authenticity to it in the spirit of keeping us entertained.

In one of his latest pieces, shared below, BigKleib34 takes viewers behind-the-scenes on one of his drag strip runs in his C6 Z06. And while he certainly seems to have a long road ahead before breaking into those coveted ‘10s, BK is more than willing to candidly share the challenges he’s having trying to get there.

All and all, it’s a pretty insightful and entertaining seven minutes of footage.

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Via [BigKleib34]

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