Black Rose Metallic Set to Be Retired in July

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Black Rose Metallic won’t return when the Corvette assembly plant reopens.

The Bowling Green Assembly Plant is scheduled to shut down for three months for upgrades beginning in August. However, when the Plant opens up to continue building 2018 Corvettes, they will be doing so with one less paint option. Black Rose Metallic won’t be making the transition to the upgraded plant, and will be retired (again) on July 24.

Black Rose Metallic

As Rick Conti notes in the video above, the Black Rose Metallic color won’t be one of the limited color options when the assembly plant reopens in November.

Black Rose Metallic was a color that saw popularity in the ‘90s. Chevy brought the color back in 2017 for their Corvette, but now it seems like that was just for a short limited time.

Without a doubt, the Black Rose Metallic color was one of the more striking colors on Corvettes, so it’s sad to see it go. Will you miss it too?

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