Blacked Out C6 ZR1 Is Tuned to Over 800 Horsepower, and For Sale

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C6 ZR1 tuned supercharger marketplace blacked out

With a host of parts by Kong Performance, this mean looking ZR1 is ready to thrill its next owner.

One of the things we like most about Corvette Forum members is their rides. Some have seriously cool classics, and others have┬ámodern muscle. Falling into that latter category is forum member Karb0n‘s 2010 C6 ZR1. While it might be blacked out like some other C6’s, its this ZR1’s performance is what impresses most, with Kong Performance goodies that bring total wheel horsepower up to a very usable 824.

The details of the build matter, and Kong Performance parts make up the bulk of it. A ported blower (which runs on a 2.35 Griptec upper pulley and ATI 14% lower pulley), ported LPE snout, intercooler expansion tank and reinforced intercooler bricks. Supporting mods include a 102mm throttle body, BTR stage 3 cam, DSX aux fuel system and flex-fuel sensor. Exhaust mods include 2 inch Kooks primaries which lead to a 3 inch X-pipe. In all, this leads to 824 horsepower on E60 and 735 on pump 93 octane. Best of all, you could drive it just like a factory C6 ZR1.

C6 ZR1 tuned supercharger marketplace blacked out

The price? $64,999 or best offer. That’s massive bang for the buck with this low-mileage 2010 ZR1.

While the C6 built the stage for the C7 ZR1, we still like the C6 version, too. It introduced a factory supercharger, with the LS9 engine, and prepared us for what was to come with the next generation Z06, and ZR1. It also paved the way of the C7 ZR1‘s current favorite game of embarrassing European supercars. With this one tuned to hypercar levels of performance, it can show the current crop of supercars what acceleration performance is all about.

C6 ZR1 tuned supercharger marketplace blacked out

This gem of a Corvette would be a dream come true for anyone looking at a seriously well-built C6 ZR1. But if you’re looking for something like a classic or something already built for track, our forums are full of options for that next Corvette buyer.

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