Bloomberg Reporter Dogs C7 Corvette With Bold Review

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Even with all the fanfare around the C7, it has had its fair share of criticism, and a recent Bloomberg video review certainly adds to that.

The two-minute and twenty second clip features car columnist Hannah Elliott sharing her two cents on the new Corvette. And while her review might be a little late to the party, it certainly isn’t short on bold opinions, which I’m betting more than a few people here at Corvette Forum will be eager to weigh in on.

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In fact, about the only positive stuff Elliott really has to say about the C7 centers on the car’s power and handling. But after spending roughly 40-seconds praising those aspects of the Corvette, the Bloomberg reporter spends most the rest of the review criticizing the C7 on everything from the interior to an image problem that is “boldly linked with suburban mid-life crisis men trying to recapture their youth.”

Hey, her words, not mine.

At one point, Elliott even calls the hard edges of the C7 “desperate” to support her mid-life crisis claim, suggesting that the design of the new Mustang and Challenger are much more appealing.

Like I said, it’s a pretty bold take on the new Corvette Stingray that I’m sure is going to spark more than a few responses on the forum.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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