Girl in C6 Corvette Beats Boyfriend in BMW on Drag Strip

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C5 Race

Here’s a tip ­if you own a BMW and plan to challenge your girlfriend to a race on the dragstrip: Make sure she’s not driving a Corvette. At the very minimum, brush up on your driving skills.

That is unless you don’t mind the embarrassment that will come at the end of the race and having to beg for a rematch.

Just ask the owner of the 3 Series featured in the video below. He learned firsthand at Royal Purple Raceway after taking on his girlfriend who owns a 2005 C6. The Horsepower Photos clip, which features some pretty impressive shifting by the female behind the Corvette’s wheel, is a great example of why you should never, ever underestimate any woman driving a ‘Vette.

Both cars feature an exhaust tune and ECU remap, but the BMW owner admits that his car is going to need a lot more work to do battle with his girlfriend’s C6 on the dragstrip.

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