Body Shop Makes Salvage Corvette Grand Sport Even Worse

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One fix at a local body shop leads to a whole new problem.

Buying a salvage car is like navigating a minefield. Sure, you’re gonna most likely get an amazing deal. But then, once you start tearing into things, you’re bound to have at least a couple of unwelcome surprises. Things, however, have been pretty smooth so far for YouTuber¬†Samcrac¬†and his salvaged Corvette Grand Sport. Until, that is, he takes it to the body shop for some repairs.

We last checked in on this fascinating project a couple of months ago, when it was in its early stages. Since then, Sam has mounted the ECM, vacuumed out the A/C system, and painted the front bumper. He then mounted the headlights and fenders, but ran into a bit of problem with fitment. The gap between the driver’s side fender and hood just wouldn’t line up properly.

Corvette Grand Sport

After fiddling with this for quite a while, Sam decided to just let a body shop handle it. After all, like many of us, he’s not exactly a master body man. They informed him that the wheel house underneath the fender was damaged just enough to cause the problem. They were able to correct the problem and get the fender securely and properly mounted.

There was just one little problem, of course. Now there’s a massive gap at the base of the driver’s side headlight. And they forgot to clip the bumper back down. In all fairness, it’s kind of a strange issue. Most of the remaining lines are perfect, so it’ll be difficult to find. The other problem, aside from a bad alignment, is that the hood is a little shaky at speed.

Corvette Grand Sport

Clearly, Sam’s salvage Corvette Grand Sport journey isn’t over just yet. But you can bet we’ll be watching as this fascinating rebuild continues!

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