Bolt-On C6 Z06 Destroys Twin Turbo V6 Mustang

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Boosted pony car build leaves us scratching our heads in wonderment, and owner scratching his head in disbelief after this beatdown.

Here’s one you don’t see every day; a twin-turbo V6 S550 Mustang. Fortunately, Youtube channel Racecars Gone Wild has documented the Mustang, and it’s attempts at racing a C6 Z06.

Starting with a 2015 model, this V6 was converted to an EcoBoost motor, sprouting an extra pair of turbos that Ford decided to never include with the V6 Mustang to start with. And with more boost and a tune to run on E85, this V6 is better. Exponentially better, as proven by the 430 wheel horsepower and 480 wheel torque measurements. Additional measurements were taken to make the car faster, such as an interior that’s almost fully removed from the driver’s seat rearward. It’s almost like a budget-minded, front-engine Ford GT of sorts.

Competing against the Mustang is a 2006 C6 Z06. It’s described as having full bolt-ons, with 1-7/8 inch headers letting exhaust out of the big LS engine, but equally important, a Hurricane intake to let air in. Combined with an ECU tune, it is good for about 500 to the wheels.

C6 Z06 bolt-ons Mustang EcoBoost twin turbo V6

With a roll race like this, anything can happen as there’s a lot of variables. But one advantage for the Mustang over the Corvette is that it’s running an automatic transmission. Mash the throttle and go.

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As it turns out, that didn’t matter. In the first race, the Corvette decimated the Mustang, which seems to be standing still as it stumbles over itself before building boost. Bus lengths were put on the Mustang in that race, but the Ford driver needed to match up just a couple more times. Granted, the next few races are a bit closer, but even as the Mustang gets the jump, it takes no time at all for the Z06 to show the Ford who’s boss.

C6 Z06 bolt-ons Mustang EcoBoost twin turbo V6

It could be obvious that a Z06 was going to win against a V6 Mustang, however, we have a feeling we won’t see the end of this twin turbo V6 Mustang.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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