What Should Boomer Do With His ZR1 Wheels?

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All right, we need to help out one of our fellow Corvette Forum members with a wheel choice again. Boomer013 has a sweet C6 GS that is currently fitted with a set of the OEM Sterling Silver wheels from the ZR1. He thinks they are a little bit busy visually, and he is considering a move to something else.

This is where we come in. Boomer013’s asking for suggestions on what he should do. Should he keep these wheels or swap to something else. If he goes to something else, what wheels should he get? Should he get some standard C6 wheels, go for new fancy aftermarket units, or maybe even the black alloys from the new C7 Stingray.

You can feel free to use this handy poll we created below to let him know. We can come back in a few days to see the reaction and maybe give Boomer a solid answer to his dilemma.

What should Boomer do with his wheels?

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