Borla Brings Corvette Drifter & Killer C2 Restomod to Vegas

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Borla Corvette SEMA 2018

We’re here live at SEMA 2018, where we scoped out Matt Field’s damaged Corvette and a gorgeous C2.

Regulars here at Corvette Forum are intimately familiar with our favorite Formula Drift driver Matt Field. Not to mention his car, a killer 1,000 hp C5 he built with his own hands. Sadly, after pushing his ride just a little too far, Field recently wrecked the thing and suffered some injuries. But both he and his Corvette are on the mend, as we saw firsthand in Borla’s booth while making our way around SEMA 2018.

Because Field’s killer Corvette was on full display, minus a few damaged panels. But hey, it still looks awesome. And we’re confident that the multi-talented Field will have it repaired and sliding around a track near you before long. In the meantime, it was nice to see that both survived what could have been a pretty nasty encounter with a wall during a practice session recently.

Matt Field C6 Corvette SEMA 2018

But Field’s semi-damaged ride wasn’t the only thing Borla brought out for Corvette fans, either. They also had a killer dark blue C2 restomod drawing massive amounts of attention. And why wouldn’t they? If you want to attract eyeballs at the notoriously over-the-top spectacle of a show, sometimes subtle and classic is the way to go. And what’s more classy and understated than a dark-hued C2 ‘Vette?

C2 Restomod SEMA 2018

Thus far, we’ve seen quite a few aftermarket companies focus on our our favorite model at this year’s SEMA show. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise, really, because the Corvette aftermarket is stronger than ever. So stay tuned for more, because we’re coming to you live from SEMA all week long!

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