Does Borla’s Exhaust Catalog Confirm C7 Corvette ZR1?

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Why Would Borla Include a C7 ZR1 Exhaust in Their Catalog If They Don’t Already Know What It Fits?

Having worked with and purchased from aftermarket part companies for years, we know that their catalogs are absolutely infallible, right? Yeah, okay, we’ll concede that point. But occasionally something comes up in one of those catalogs that you just can’t ignore. The new 2017 Borla Exhausts catalog includes an X-Pipe for what appears to be a naturally-aspirated “C7 ZR1.” And it’s available for either automatic or manual transmission models. Sounds interesting, right?

We’ve seen Chevrolet’s new mega-Corvette driving around in camouflage with a giant wing, interesting lightweight wheels, and other aerodynamic appendages. But we still don’t know for sure what will be under the hood. Our best guess is a high-revving dual-overhead-cam V8 with an “LT5” designation. But GM has obviously not yet confirmed those rumors. We’re hopeful that this “C7 6.2L” mentioned in the Borla catalog is the LT5 we really want.

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It is interesting that Borla’s part number for this X-Pipe piece is “60548.” That’s the same fitment as the standard Stingray’s X-Pipe. The new DOHC cylinder head will surely have a different location for the exhaust ports, but it is entirely possible that the manifold’s outlet will be engineered in a way to be in the same place as the Stingray’s, making it possible for this X-Pipe to still fit without needing to engineer a new piece.

What do you think, did Borla just scoop the 2017 C7 ZR1, or are we reading too much into it?

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