Brace Yourselves for a Healthy Dose of Corvette Nostalgia

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C4 Corvettes at Bowling Green

Another excellent reminder of the Corvette’s good ole days from Mike at Criswell Chevrolet.

Every time Mike posts another of his incredible delivery stories, he follows it with a huge pictorial essay of Corvette history. We would have thought he’d have run out of pictures by now, but luckily for us his archive of Corvette pics is seemingly never-ending.

RadWood 2 Poster

He’s a Corvette fanatic himself, and sells more of these cars new than probably anyone ever has (he’s been at this game since the C3 was still around). This month he’s helped a woman named Laurie into the Corvette of her dreams, and moved a few of those lesser Chevrolet products (those would be Camaros) as well!

During this little trip down memory lane, we couldn’t help but notice quite a lot of rad C4 content. We’re suckers for a good C4, and there are so many of them here to check out. There’s even a nice letter from Zora Arkus-Duntov (signed ZAD) congratulating a C4-era dealer of being the best-selling Corvette dealer in the world. How much do you wish you had a personalized letter from ZAD in your collection?

If you’re a C4 fanatic like we are, there’s still time to get your butt down to Anaheim, California this weekend for Radwood 2, the show for ’80s and ’90s cars. Corvette Forum will be presenting an award for the best Corvette, and trust us, you want to win it! Grab the keys to your late C3, any C4, or early C5 (all Corvettes 1980-1999) and make your way down to The Phoenix Club this Saturday. The show runs from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., and there are lots of cool things to do during the show. You won’t want to miss it.


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