Breaking: Corvette C7 Grand Sport to Debut in Geneva Tomorrow

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corvette grand sport debut

Rumors of a C7 Corvette Grand Sport have orbited the earth for the last year or two, but have gained strength with recent unveilings of several special edition Corvettes, such as the C7-R.

Now, according to Oliver Gavin, our wait may be over. The superstar sports car racer, whose career is strongly tied to Chevy and Corvette, uploaded a photo to his Instagram account in which he shares his excitement over the preparations for the Grand Sport Corvette unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show, which kicked off earlier today.

According to Oliver’s post, the world premiere will happen tomorrow, although General Motors has yet to confirm or deny such claims. If it does happen (which it will), this C7 model will be the first Grand Sport Corvette to be produced since 2013.

1963 corvette grand sport

The Grand Sport special editions have been a huge hit with Corvette die-hards and collectors, as they feature track-ready setups, extra visual and performance pizzazz, and are produced in limited numbers. All which combine to make them quite valuable in the long run.

Do you look forward to the new C7 Grand Sport?

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