Auction Site BringATrailer Claims Z06 Models Are Cars to Watch

By - C5 C6 Z06 BringATrailer

BringATrailer brings market analysis to Corvette, and the outlook is positive.

We are big fans of auction site Indeed, at any given point someone in the office has a BaT tab open on their web browser. Now, it seems BaT is a fan of us, or, at least our world. The website has released a handy blog post talking about trends they have noticed with Corvettes. Specifically, their focus is on the C5 Z06, and the C6 Z06, models, they claim, offer incredible bang-for-the-buck performance. Obviously, this isn’t news to us, at CorvetteForum, but we’re glad the cars are getting the recognition they deserve.

After going through an abridged history of the Z06 name, BaT jumps right in to why they feel the C5 and C6 Z06 are the cars to hang on to. in short, the C5Z takes the cake because resale values have effectively leveled at this point. For less than $20,000, you can get into a lower-mileage, and usually well taken care of example. Hovering around the $15,000 mark are solid runners, these are cars ready to go for the daily drive, or track work. Of course, the occasional C5 Z06 pops up with an asking price nearer to $10,000, but these examples tend to be high-mileage, or simply rare to come across. C5 C6 Z06 BringATrailer

The C6 Z06 is noted by BaT as a more ‘special’ breed of Corvette. The LS7 engine is more exotic, and, barring a few hiccups, offers 7.0-liters of 505-horsepower reliability. Additionally, simply by virtue of being a newer car, prices are obviously higher. Though, we’ve found several examples under $30,000 on various Craigslist searches. That said, solid, reliable cars are easily found in the low-$30,000 range. This makes for a very appealing proposition for sports car enthusiasts. Naturally, many Z06s will be falling into second generation ownership. In fact, all of this Z06 talk has us scouring BringATrailer for another C6Z to consider. Hmm…

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