Burger King Franchise Owner Spreads Corvette Wealth

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I imagine there’ll be a few here questioning the decision of an Arizona-based Burger King franchise owner who decided to sell the new Corvette he was given for winning “Franchisee of the Year.” However, after reading what he did with the money, I’m betting even the biggest Corvette fans will have a change of heart.

After being awarded the ‘Vette and a Rolex watch, the BK franchise owner, Tom Barnett, decided to sell the car and watch to reward over a hundred longtime employees with bonuses, some as high as $5,000, according to a Consumerist.Com report.

“The award needed to go to the people who got us here. It was the right thing to do,” said one of Barnett’s management team. “We’re all better when we have people who work for us long term.”

Even as a die-hard Corvette fan, that makes pretty darn good sense to me.

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via [Consumerist.com]

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