Burnout Super Test: Corvette Z06 Centennial vs Caddy CTS-V Coupe

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by Keith Cornett

Josh Jacquot has the second best job in the automobile industry (Jim Mero rules!) as he gets to lay down the rubber for InsideLine.com’s Burnout Super Test. Last time we checked, the Corvette Z06 Carbon was the reigning champ, defeating a Viper SRT-10 by 50 feet. Josh brings back the new Corvette Z06 Centennial and decides to go head to head with another GM vehicle in the 500+ hp club, the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe.

So who’s got this? The 556-hp CTS-V Coupe has a 51 hp advantage but the Corvette is wearing the new Pilot Sport Cup tires and weighs nearly 1000 pounds less. We won’t spoil the fun so watch the video or hit the link for the full article.

At the heart of every burnout, there’s a lot of abuse.” ?Josh Jacquot

This video is like a wet t-shirt contest?the real winners are the people watching. Head over to the forum and see what members have to say about this video!

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