Would You Buy this 1994 Corvette ZR-1?

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1994 ZR1

The ZR-1 is one of the best known Corvette nameplates of all time. It denotes the best of the best that Corvette has to offer. They are the most powerful, most tail happy, and most ridiculous of the Corvette breed. Because of that, they tend to keep their relative value.

However, that’s not the case with this particular ZR-1, which is currently for sale on eBay. This is a C4 ZR-1, and the seller wants what can only be described as highway robbery money for this prime example: $19,995!

While the Polo Green color is rare for this car, it’s still essentially a 1994 Corvette, and that car hasn’t exactly aged well. Still, according to Hagerty Insurance, this car’s asking price is probably within the realm of possibility.

But I’d like to put it to you all, would you pay almost $20,000 for a 1994 Corvette? Especially when this 2001 Z06 is going for $16,500?

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