C5 ‘Vette Kart is Your Ticket to Awesome

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This C5 Corvette has seen better days, but as a running, driving ‘Vette Kart, it is the perfect start for amazing fun. Find out the ways it could live on.

The C5 Chevrolet Corvette is an awesome car from the factory. It offers LS1 V8 power and is a great performance platform for modifications. The rear mounted transmission helps the weight balance, and the compact small block V8 keeps the center of gravity low. Tons of these cars are taken to the race track and beaten within an inch of their lives. Fortunately the C5 has proven to be a reliable track toy and canyon carver. The cost of maintenance is also relatively low for the performance. In fact we would say that dollar for speed, it may be the best value on the market today.

c5 corvette vette kart

Which is why this C5 ‘Vette Kart for sale by Cleveland Power and Performance is such a great buy. You get everything you need to have a blast on the road or track. In fact, in most states you could add lights and drive it on the street as it sits. Of course if you have read some of our articles on drifting and Corvettes, then you know what we want to do with it. Formula Drift driver Matt Field is in the process of building a C6 Corvette into his 2018 competition car right now.


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The process involves stripping the Corvette down to a state similar to this ‘Vette Kart and then adding in a roll cage. You would already have a head start by using this car. On the other hand, you could use the chassis to have a Italian design firm like Pininfarina make you a one off body. The possibilities are as endless as your wallet will allow. Luckily for you the ‘Vette Kart is very inexpensive at $6,895.

Let us know what you would do with a ‘Vette Kart of your own in the comments.

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