How to Buy a Car That’s Not for Sale

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Why is it that we always want what we can’t have? It seems to happen no matter what, no matter how much we love what we actually do have. The other thing, or the other place, or the other person somehow always seems desirable, especially when we’re told we CAN’T have it. And sometimes that’s most evident when we lust for a car sitting in somebody’s garage or driveway.

The most obvious and simple answer to this dilemma is “don’t.” Surely that car will be for sale elsewhere, so seek out another one and buy that. For whatever reasons, however, the one that’s down the street at your neighbor’s house is the only one you want. Maybe it’s because it’s in perfect condition; maybe because it’s an extremely rare model that doesn’t go up for sale often; or maybe you just like the specific color spec. Regardless, that’s the one you gotta have. But again, it’s not for sale. So how do you finesse the owner to the point where he or she is willing to part with something he or she didn’t even know he or she wanted to get rid of?

The members of Corvette Forum offered some tips:

  • GTOGuy: “Persistence without being a pest. It’s a fine line, and frustrating. I have a friend on this forum who’s been trying to get a really special car for the past year, with no luck so far. I usually give up myself, being an impatient sort of guy!”
  • Fyreline: “He has your contact information. At this point, that’s about all you can do. Keep in touch, but don’t be a pest. Patience is your best plan right now. Just get yourself to the place where you understand & accept that he may never sell the car, or he may suddenly sell it to his brother-in-law. You can’t control what other people do, but you can control what YOU do. Make sure you’re financially in a position that if he calls right now while you’re reading this, you can do the deal. Good luck, let us know how it works out.”
  • Kerrmudgeon: “Develop a friendship with the owner, offer help with the car maintenance and above all… patient. I bought a Cadillac from a little old lady once after meeting her driving the car, and waving to her after than when I saw her……she called me FIVE years later to see if I still wanted it.”
  • Mike Terry: If you throw the guy an offer for his car do it in $100.00 bills. Dead Presidents do talk


Or, if you’re a slimeball, you could go this route:

  • corvetteed: “Absolutely talk to his wife about your interest, and gauge whether you should tell her the figure you offered. Let her know how serious you are, and that you’ve got the money available right then, and ask if they could use it for retirement. Tell her you’re patient, but, this kind of offer won’t likely come along again any time soon. Let her work on the husband. You back off. She’ll make it happen.”

Basically, let the person know that you’re interested, let them know you can pay in straight cash up front, and be patient. Check in every now and then, or even offer to help work on the car, if it needs attention. You might actually gain a friend, and eventually a car in the process.

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