Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Callaway Corvette C12 Could Be Yours

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In 1999 Callaway, master tuners of Corvettes and most everything else GM, decided that they were going to build a racecar aimed at winning the GT2 Class at LeMans.  However, to actually compete, Callaway had to build 25 road cars in order to meet homologation standards.

Built as a C12.R, the Callaway race car clinched pole position at LeMans in 2001, though the race itself didn’t go so well. While the race car wasn’t all that hot, the road car sure was. It used a heavily modified GM 6.2L V8 that developed 479 horsepower and sent it rocketing to 60 and beyond … way beyond. It was an absolute beast.


Now, one is up for sale, and while it isn’t one of the racecars, it does have a racing pedigree of its own. This specific 1999 Callaway C12 was last purchased in 2004 by none other than Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Little Dale took remarkable care of this car, especially considering his tendency to light up the rear tires. Now she’s up for sale on eBay with bidding currently at $63,100. The car originally sold for over $200,000. It’s anyone’s guess how this eBay bidding will turn out.

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