You Can Now Buy One of the First-ever Corvette Stingrays

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1963 Corvette Front Corner

Little red Corvette packs 327-cubic-inch V8 and chrome in every possible location.

While flipping through the automotive category of Craigslist for the Los Angeles area, we came across this sharp 1963 Chevrolet Corvette “contertible”. While the listing itself isn’t all that great, the car looks like a shining example of the original Stingray. It is finished in bright red with lots of chrome, a black leather interior and a chromed-out, 327-cubic-inch V8 under the hood, serving as the stereotypical C2 that you would see at your local car show, but that is not a bad thing by any stretch.

1963: The C2 Cometh

The 1963 model year was a big one for the Chevrolet Corvette, as it marked the first generational change for the all-American sports car. With the introduction of the C2 came an entirely new look, the first fixed-top design and the Stingray name, all of which made the Corvette even more popular.

1963 Corvette Stingray Rear End

The Stingray name would be used throughout the C2 and C3 generations before being removed from the Corvette lineup. Of course, the Stingray made a return with the arrival of the C7 for the 2014 model year, but the fame of the Stingray name all began back in 1963. While all C2 models are sought after, 1963 will always be the original Corvette Stingray.

LA Stingray For Sale

Unfortunately, the person who made this Craigslist ad didn’t put a whole lot of effort into it, so little is known about this car shy of the basic details and the fact that it looks pretty clean from every angle.

1963 Corvette Convertible Chrome Engine

“This BEAUTIFUL convertible is more than a head turner!!
Resto mod
Beefed up 327- all chrome
4-Speed standard
Cherry red paint
Underneath just as stunning as the top”

We aren’t sure what something is if it “is more than a head turner”, but evidently, this Corvette is just that. It says that the 327 engine is “beefed up” and the listing calls it a restomod, but there are no details as to what has been done to the engine or what other upgrades have been made. It has late model wheels and it looks like just about everything under the hood has been chromed, but it looks more like a clean, chromed-out C2 Corvette than a restomod, right down to the interior.

1963 Corvette Stingray Convertible Interior

Frankly, if we were listing a modified 1963 Corvette Stingray convertible for sale with an asking price of $79,900, we would include a modification list and make sure that the title was spelled correctly, but the crummy ad doesn’t take away from the fact that this car looks great.

1963 Corvette Stingray Convertible Undercarriage

If you are serious about buying yourself a classic Corvette, maybe as a late Christmas or early New Years gift, your chance to buy one of the original Stingrays is only a flight to LA away.

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