Buyer Beware! Fake ZR-1 Spotted for Sale in Texas

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Too Good to Be True? You Bet. This Fake ZR-1 Is Listed at a Texas Dealership With a Sketchy Past.

I’ll be honest. I fell for this fake ZR-1 at first. C6 Corvettes are on my personal shopping list at the moment, so when I saw a ZR-1 advertised for $19,995, I had to take a closer look. High mileage might scare some people off, but not me. Upon taking a closer look at the Carfax, though, I started to get some doubts. Regardless, I still thought it was a great deal for a ZR-1, considering straight examples are over three times as expensive.

It was only when a friend pointed it out that I realized I didn’t look hard enough. ZR-1 rims are on there, but the rest just looks like a standard Stingray. Somehow my eyes passed over the lack of wide-body, the wrong fender vents, no vent in the hood, no ZR-1 logo in the gauges, and no emblems anywhere on the car. They didn’t even try and pass off a Z06 or Grand Sport as a ZR-1.

Corvette Warehouse is currently offering the Fake ZR-1, and really, they should know better, or at least explain it clearly. Not only is it a fake, but it has a number of marks against it for accident reports. Let’s be honest, a C6 with nearly 100,000 miles and a dirty Carfax isn’t even worth the $20,000 they are asking.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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