C1 Corvette: How to change the front brake pads

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C1 Corvette How to Change the Front Brake Pads

Installing your new front pads requires approximately 30 minutes each side.

To begin, jack up the front of the vehicle and safely place jack stands.

Parts You Will Require (kits available and recommended)

one quart of Dot-3 brake fluid

primary and secondary riveted brake shoes

rubber flex hoses

new wheel cylinders

shoe adjustment hardware

shoe hold-down hardware

Tools You Will Require

5/8-inch wrench

1/2- inch wrench

3/8 line wrench

needle-nosed pliers (pliers with a 45-degree angle preferred)

flat-head screwdriver


1) Remove the brake drum.

2) Remove both the rubber and the steel brake lines.

3) Have a helper spread apart the brake pads while you remove the brake adjuster.

4)Remove the retaining plate and upper and lower tension springs.

5) In order to remove the old brake shoes from the backing plate, turn
the locking cap one-quarter turn then remove the spring and retaining
pin. Remove the shoes. You will note that the brake shoes are
different: the front, shorter one is the primary shoe; the longer,
narrower shoe is the secondary or rear shoe.

6) To unmount the brake cylinder, remove the bolts on the rear of the backing plate.

Install New Brake Pads — Procedure

Once you have disassembled the brake, clean the parts well. Also note
whether your drums have deep grooves in them. If they do, replace them.
If the drums are only slightly worn, take the drums to a brake shop
(some auto parts stores also provide this service) and have them
?turned.? This will give your brakes better stopping power and prolong
the life of the new pads.

1) When you have dismantled the brake and cleaned up everything, check
out the spindle. Does it have deep grooves in it or other signs of wear?
If so, replace it.

2) Lube the spindle with some oil or lithium grease and insert the end in the brake cylinder.

3) Mount the brake cylinder on the backing plate. Be sure you do this
correctly ? the line will go out toward the rear of the Corvette.

4) To mount the shoes, insert the pin through the back of the backing
plate and onto the secondary shoe. Now insert the ring and the cap,
giving the cap a quarter turn to secure it. Do the same for the primary
shoe. Notice that you also have to insert the ends of the brake
cylinder into the brake shoes.

5) Next install the retaining plate. Install the upper spring using the
flathead screwdriver and the needle-nose pliers. After you have
mounted both springs, lubricate the springs where they touch the pin
with a small amount of lithium grease.

6) Snap the lower spring into place.

7) Prior to installing the adjusting bolt, find the slot in the backing
plate. Ask a helper to spread apart the brake shoes while you install
the bolt, making sure you mount the star end of the adjuster so it
aligns with aforementioned slot.
8) Gently install the rubber brake line in the brake cylinder. Secure it. Use a line wrench for this because of space limitations.

9) Install the other end of the rubber line into the bracket on the Corvette frame. Lock it in place with the u-clip.

10) Next, install the steel brake line. Position it in between the brake
block and the rubber line. Secure the line using a line wrench to
avoid stripping the nut.

11) Install the brake drum. Finally, bleed the brake system and adjust the brakes.

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