C1 Corvette: How to Change the Oil

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Here’s how to change the oil on your C1 Corvette. It is a relatively easy procedure and requires only a few simple tools and about an hour of your time.

Tools and Other Items Required

five quarts of motor oil (see manual for type of oil)

a new oil filter (refer to manual for type)

an adjustable wrench (or socket set)

jacks stands (or a ramp)

your tire-changing jack (or an hydraulic jack)

a strap wrench (often called an oil filter wrench)


an oil drain pan

bricks or wood blocks (for blocking the rear tires)

some cat litter or newspaper (in case of small spills)

an oil drain pan

wood blocks or bricks (for blocking the rear wheels)


container for used oil


1) Get all of your equipment and tools together in one place.

2) With you tire jack or an hydraulic floor jack, lift the front end of your Corvette. Put jack stands underneath the vehicle to secure it. (Or have a friend guide you as you carefully drive your Corvette up ramps.) Block the rear wheels using the wood blocks or bricks.

Caution: Be certain you set the parking brake and place the transmission in Park. If yours is a manual transmission, put the Corvette in first gear.

3) When the front of your Corvette is safely suspended, position the oil drain pan underneath your Corvette’s oil pan. Now with a wrench in hand, get underneath your car and use the wrench to remove the oil drain plug. When it is completely off, allow the oil to drain into the drain pan. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for the oil to drain completely from the engine. (The oil will slow to a mere trickle when most of it has drained from the motor.)

4) While you are waiting, take the new oil filter out of the carton. Open a new quart of oil and dab your index finger into the oil. Place this oil on the oil filter gasket and use the oil to lubricate it. Next, put the oil filter and the strap wrench underneath the vehicle ? close enough so you can reach it after you get underneath the Corvette.

5) Get underneath the car and re-install the oil drain plug. Caution: Do not over-tighten the drain plug. If you do, you may strip the threads on the oil pan, which means you may have to replace it.

6) Use the strap wrench to loosen the oil filter. Position the oil drain pan underneath the filter. Now remove the oil filter from the car completely and hold it over the drain pan to allow any oil inside to flow out.

7) Place the new oil filter on the Corvette and turn it so it is snug. Then turn it one-quarter turn more. (If you cannot do this with your hand, use your strap wrench.)

8) After installing the new filter and re-installing the oil pan nut, open your Corvette’s hood and locate the oil filler tube (see manual). Pour all five quarts of oil, one after another, into the engine.

9) Lower your Corvette off of the jack stands using your jack. (Or have your friend guide you off of the ramps.)

10) Now start the motor. Look underneath your Corvette for leaks, especially from the oil filter where a kinked gasket can cause a leak.

11) If there are no leaks, remove all tools and the oil drain pan from underneath the Corvette. Dispose of the old filter and oil properly, and the job is complete.

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