C1 Corvette Is One Surprisingly Clean Barn Find Survivor

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C1 Corvette

The seller of this freshly extracted C1 Corvette committed the cardinal sin of barn finds. But there’s still plenty to like about it!

These days, rabid collectors love dirt. And when it comes to barn finds, the more crud, the better. For some reason, we just love to see cars emerging from long-term storage full of lovely things like rat droppings. Which means the seller of this legit barn find C1 Corvette, which we spotted on eBay, committed the ultimate sin. Heck, in some of the pics, we can clearly the see hose and the wet pavement beneath the car. Obviously, they haven’t kept up with the latest trends in the collector car market!

Still, we can personally do without the various animal poo and spider webs, so we’re cool with the quick hose off. It also allows us to better concentrate on what’s underneath. And that’s a shockingly clean, 327/300 hp, 4-speed, 47,000 mile C1 Corvette. With a Tuxedo Black/Red color combo, do barn finds get any better than this? Heck, even the Buy it Now price of $33K seems reasonable.

C1 Corvette

But it isn’t all peaches and cream, of course. There’s some shoddy bodywork on the front fender, a rusty frame, and reportedly, a seized engine under the hood. Obviously, 50 years in a barn in Rochester, New York isn’t the best place to store a classic ‘Vette. The interior, on the other hand, is in pretty immaculate shape, which is a pretty big surprise.

C1 Corvette

This uber cool C1 Corvette didn’t meet reserve the first time around, but we hope somebody comes along to save it. Despite the need for a new chassis, this is a numbers matching car, so it’s definitely worth the effort. Heck, we’d be happy just to get it running and maybe fix that horrible attempt at bodywork!

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