C2 Corvette Packs Timeless Style with Fresh Drivetrain

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C2 Corvette

When it comes to the color spectrum, red might be right. But in our book, nothing beats this black and red beauty!

For many, red is right when it comes to picking out the perfect Corvette color. And granted, that particular hue is probably the most popular overall. But in our book, nothing beats black. Throw in a few red accents, and you’ve got a color combo as timeless as the Corvette itself. Especially when that particular color combination is present on an iconic C2 Corvette.

C2 Corvette

Chances are, you won’t find many black/red C2 Corvette examples as clean as this one, either. We spotted the gorgeous 1965 over at The Collector Car Network, where it’s currently seeking a new owner. And for obvious reasons, the car caught out attention immediately. The good thing (and sometimes bad thing) about black is that it’s totally unforgiving. Thankfully, in this case, there’s nothing to forgive.

C2 Corvette

The same goes for the flawless undercarriage and interior, too. Everything just looks right, leading us to believe that the claimed 77k original mileage is probably correct. Even still, someone has clearly sunk some money into making this C2 Corvette visually stunning. And thankfully, they kept it mostly original as well instead of hacking up those gorgeous factory lines.

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