C2 Corvette Restomod: Best of Both Worlds

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C2 Corvette

You won’t find any giant wheels or crazy bodywork on this C2 Corvette. Just fresh modern mechanicals!

There are plenty of detractors in the world, like those that specifically hate restomods and everything associated with them. And in many cases, it’s hard to blame them. After all, why would anyone take a car as iconic as an early Corvette and ruin it with huge, tacky wheels and hack job bodywork? Especially when you’re talking about the C2 Corvette, easily one of the most beautiful car designs ever imagined. But as this stunning ’65 proves, none of that is necessary at all.

We spotted the stock-appearing C2 Corvette in the Corvette Forum Marketplace, where it proves that looks can sometimes be deceiving. On the outside, you’d be hard pressed to tell that this is anything other than a nut and bolt restored original. Every single component, right down to the frame, is refinished or new. The black paint and red interior are flawless. But underneath, there’s something much more modern going on.

C2 Corvette

Pop the hood, and you won’t find some carbureted small or big block. Instead, there’s an LS3 powerplant lurking within, giving this C2 Corvette 480 modern horsepower. Backing it up is a highway-friendly, overdrive-equipped 4L65e transmission. To handle that power and offer up a modern ride and performance, a Ride Tech Coilover suspension was sourced. The fully adjustable setup is a far cry from the original C2 Corvette underpinnings in virtually every aspect.

C2 Corvette

Toss in a set of Wilwood brakes, and you’ve got what one could call the best of both worlds. We’re firm believers that you don’t fix what ain’t broken, and this C2 Corvette proves that point in spades. Why mess with perhaps the most beautiful car ever made? All this stunning ‘Vette needed was a little infusion of modern mechanics to make it the perfect restomod, and nothing else!

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Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Corvette Forum, Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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