C2 Corvette Spaceship Comes from Custom Car Royalty

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C2 Corvette

Out of this world C2 Corvette is a product of George Barris. And it recently emerged from 25 years in storage!

Truthfully, we are of the opinion that the C2 Corvette is one of, if not the most beautiful car designs of all time. But that hasn’t stopped a handful of people from transforming these rolling works of art into, well, unique recreations over the years. This was especially true in the ’60s and ’70s, when our fascination with space bled over to car design. But few, if any cars take that theme to the extremes that this C2 Corvette does.

This isn’t just some backyard hack job by a guy named Billy Joe, however. The Corvette you see before you was actually built by legendary custom car builder George Barris‘ east coast representative. Which instantly transforms it from abomination to museum worthy. And now this one of a kind C2 Corvette has emerged from 25 years of storage and found a new home via a recent Mecum auction.

Unfortunately, whoever bought this Corvette space ship obviously has their work cut out for them. The perils of time have taken a toll on the car, leaving it in pretty rough shape today. The exterior isn’t so bad, but the interior looks like it was attacked by a thousand rats. There’s no engine or transmission either, and some bodywork will be required to get it back to show status.

Regardless, the new owner of this C2 Corvette now has a little slice of custom car history in their possession. One that’s been hidden from the public for decades. And whether you love it or hate it, that alone makes this space-themed custom worth saving!

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